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 2010 Winter/Spring Season

      Racquetball - Open Singles

 2009 Summer/Fall Season

      Racquetball - Open Singles


 Rules of Play

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  • The fee to join is $15.00 per player for RACQUETBALL. Some discounts are available for prompt registration/renewal.

  • News & Announcements

  • We are excited to introduce our new DCJCC indoor racquet sports challange ladder program for the 2009 season.  Please take a few minutes to read "How It Works" below to familiarize youself with how our ladders operate.

  • You can begin making challenges on January 1. This seaon's  ladder will run until May 1.
  • The complete Rules of Play should be read by every player after they sign up.

  • Want challenges generated for you automatically? Checkout the Auto-Challenge feature. When set, the system will automatically select a player and send out a Challenge email on your behalf. There are several options you can choose from on how frequently and under what circumstances an Auto-Challenge will be generated. To turn the Auto-Challenge feature ON, Login, select the "Settings" tab on the ladder, choose your options, then save the settings. Important Notice: Please do not use the Auto-Challenge feature if you can’t respond and interact with your opponent as if you generated the challenge yourself.

  • If you have feedback or questions on the ladder, please send an email to the ladder chairperson, Cara Fulton at fultc@hotmail.com.

  • How It Works

    1. The ladders will be operated with several distinct distinct seasons during the year.

    2. Players MUST register online via this website to join a ladder.

    3. Each player will be required to designate his/her level of play at the time of registration for initial placement on the ladder.

    4. The ladders are all self-administered through this website and email. All players joining must have readily available internet access and must have a practice of checking email at least every other day.

    5. All matches are to be played at the DC Jewish Community Center.

    6. Each Ladder will be organized as a "pyramid". The top tier, Tier 1, will have only one player in it which will be the current ladder leader. Tier 2 will have the two players in positions 2 & 3 on the ladder, Tier 3 will have the players in positions 4, 5 & 6 on the ladder, Tier 4 will have the players in positions 7, 8, 9, & 10 and so on. Players/teams may challenge any player within their own tier, and the two tiers above them. The only exceptions are that players/teams in position 10 or higher on the ladder (the top 4 tiers) may challenge any person/team to the top of the ladder, regardless of tier. One "Free Challenge" per season is offered to each player on the ladder to make challenge anywhere on the ladder(see Free Challenge Rule).

    7. To make a challenge, a player comes to this website and logs-in where they can view the names, rankings, match histories and contact information of all members of the ladder. Once an opponent is selected, the challenger initiates an electronic challenge via the website. The electroninc challenge generates an email to all players with the details of the challenge. Any challenge made in accordance with the rules of the ladder must be accepted by the person being challenged and a match scheduled within 10 days, otherwise a forfeit is declared.

    8. As soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours but not more than 48 hours) after being challenged, a challenged player must offer two reasonable days, times and locations for the match to be played that are within ten days of the date the challenge was made. The player being challenged will always have the right to designate the match location.

    9. The player that wins the match is responsible for entering the scores on the website. If the challenger wins, they take the ladder position held by his/her opponent and the opponent drops down one position. All other players are adjusted down accordingly. If the challenger losses the match, no change in ladder position is made for either player.

    10. Each player must play one match in each required-play period to retain their current position on the ladder. Lack of play in a period results in being dropped down 5 positions on the ladder. Players are always free to climb back up as desired if they get moved down. The required play periods are: 

    Jan 1 - Jan 31
    Feb 1 - Feb 28
    Mar 1 - Mar 31
    Apr 1 - Apr 30

    11. There is no dispute committee that will arbitrate or rule on disputes resulting from play. Players must resolve all disputes on their own to some fair and agreeable outcome.

    This is just a summary of the ladder rules. More detail is contained in the complete Rules of Play that are accessible from a link on this page. All players are strongly encouragd to read the entire rules before scheduling a match.

    Current Stats & Standings

    Total Membership  
    Total Members: 42
    Total Matches Played: 0

    Racquetball - Open Singles -- 2010 Winter/Spring Season  

    Ladder Members: 15

    Top 3 Positions

    1. Mark Storey
    2. Eli Miller
    3. Zach Brooks

    Total Matches Played: 30

    Most Matches Played

    Cara Fulton: 12
    Maggie Auerbach: 8
    Eli Miller: 6

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    DC Jewish Community Center Racquetball Ladders
    Washington, DC
    Thursday, August 21, 2014