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 2009 Summer Season

      Men's Singles

      Men's Doubles

      Women's Singles

      Women's Doubles

      Mixed Doubles


 2009 Spring Fling

      3.0 Men's

      3.0 Doubles

      3.0 Men's - Double Elim

 2010 Mixed Doubles

      Mixed Doubles


 Rules of Play

         Find A Doubles Partner
1. You must be a member and logged-in to use this feature.
Players that have posted their names to this list are seeking to find a doubles partner for the ladder they have indicated. If you are also seeking to find a partner,
please contact one or more of these people to see if you fit as a team. You can't be shy if you want to find a partner so make your contact(s) today!!
3. If no one is on the list currently, or if no players match your interest after contacting them, ONLY THEN add your name to this list using the
ADD ME TO THIS LIST menu option below.
4. When you do find a doubles partner, Remove your name from this list, then both players need to go to the 'Join & Renew' menu option to register themselves
for the ladder and connect themselves as a team.

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